Red, White, and Blue Explosion Cake

Happy 4th!

I’m off having patriotic fun (BBQ, pool, carnival, and fireworks), but I thought I’d share the cake I made for any last minute dessert ideas needed.

I call it an explosion cake.


Making it couldn’t have been simpler. I used white cake mix and vanilla frosting (both store bought).

Separate the cake mix into three separate bowls. Make one bowl red and another blue.


Pour the batter into your pan in layers – first red,


then white,


then blue.


For the frosting, I whipped it for about a minute, then I zapped it in the microwave to make it a glaze-like consistency.


I made the frosting blue and left some white, then used sugar sprinkles for the top.


Getting my money’s worth out of the tissue paper fireworks I made, I stuck the three poms into the cake itself. Extra colorful.


Pretty easy, just a bit time consuming getting the colors the ridge shade.

Have a safe 4th!


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