Grilled Shrimp Bowl

When it’s hot out, I do everything I can to keep the meal cooking outside on the grill. This dish has quickly become one of my go to dinners when it’s just too humid to turn on the stove.


I use this recipe from Everyday Food by Martha Stewart, but sub in pineapple for the mango. Not that I don’t like mango, it’s simply that I have canned pineapple on hand way more often than I have fresh mango in the house. Additionally, we had extra broccoli laying around, so I steamed it in our rice cooker while the rice cooked.


It’s pretty easy. Just start by skewering the pineapple and shrimp.


I did have to use the stove to make the rum glaze, but it didn’t take long, so the kitchen didn’t heat up too badly.


I brushed the shrimp with a medium coating of glaze, and Dan continued to put glaze on while shrimp grilled.

In the end, we ended up making a sort of rice bowl with the food.


You could just eat the shrimp kabobs on their own with a salad or other side dish though. Whatever’s easiest and whatever you have in your pantry, I say.

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