Pizza on the Grill

Yep, as one of our BBQs from this past weekend, we made pizza on the grill. It was a little tricky, and I’m not sure we did it the best way possible, but the pizza was crispy and tasty, so we must have done something right.


We started with basic pizza dough. Nothing special. We made ours from scratch, but storebought (I like the kind from Trader Joe’s) works just as well.

We took our dough and spread it out onto a lightly olive oil drizzled baking stone. We put the stone directly onto the grill.


Once the pizza looked done on the bottom, Dan drizzled the top with more olive oil and then flipped the pizza dough onto the grill.

Then, we quickly made the pizza while it cooked. We spread the sauce, added spices, put on the toppings, and sprinkled cheese all over it. Go as quickly as possible so you leave enough  time for everything to cook before the bottom gets overdone. If you’re planning to put veggies on that take a while to cook, I would suggest grilling those separately, as you won’t have enough time to cook them on the pizza itself.


Once the cheese was fully melted, we took the pizza off the grill and ate it immediately.


I would definitely do this again, especially when I’m craving homemade pizza in the summer. Although today, with the cold and drizzle, I’d be much more apt to make pizza in the oven just to warm up!

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