Triple Cross

I crossed three things off of my Summer Fun list over Memorial Day weekend.


Friday night, Dan and I walked over to a nearby carnival. We had fun walking around, and I got a couple photos that I think I’ll be framing soon.


Don’t they just scream summer to you?

We also won a goldfish.


I sunk that ping pong ball in the tiny fish bowl on my first try.

Unfortunately, Mayor Goldie Wilson didn’t survive the weekend. RIP.

We also hit up two garage sales. I saw a few cute items, like glass decanters marked at $3 and a C&B vase for $2, but I passed. Maybe I’ll find something good next time.

As for the BBQ, we used our grill 3 times over the weekend. Here’s the corn, sweet potatoes, and BBQ chicken meal. All items were cooked directly on the grill.


Finally, I was on a boat Saturday, but I didn’t think I could check off “Boat ride” in good conscience. Why? Well, we got about 10 feet away from the dock, couldn’t start the engine, drifted a bit more out, then crash landed (more like slowly floated) to a neighbor’s pier. Since the engine never started, I didn’t count this as a “ride.”

3 summer activities down, many more fun activities to go!

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