Thrift Store Find Series: Upcycled Tray

This project is one of my favorite DIY projects. I started with this tray from the thrift store.


It was $1.50. And yes, those are strawberry tiles.


I may have overpaid, but I liked it’s smaller size.

With a couple coats of white spray paint and a leftover linen scrap, I turned that ugly tray into a really pretty piece of decor.


To start this transformation, Dan helped me remove the tiles.


They were glued on way better than I anticipated. Because of this, the bottom of the tray broke. I spray painted the tray anyways, and once it dried, I had to figure out what to do next. I decided to glue a very thin piece of cardboard to the tray. I knew this wouldn’t be a heavy use item (it will only be used to hold candles and other decorative items on my coffee table), so I was OK with the fix.

Then, I carefully measured one of my linen scraps. I ironed it, then mod podged it to the tray. I gave it two coats.


Once the linen dried, I set a few heavy books on top on the tray to make sure everything stayed in place.

I think it came out nicely.


If I did this project over, I probably wouldn’t remove the tiles. It caused more problems than it was worth. But, I’m no expert, and this is how I learn.

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