Thrift Store Find Series

A lot of people have asked me what kinds of items I find at the thrift store and what I do with what I find, so I thought I’d start a little series highlighting some of my favorite thrift store items.

I’ll admit, I really enjoy going to thrift stores. But, I’m the first to say that they aren’t for everyone. You really have to sift through a lot of junk to find a treasure. Often, I go there with a specific need (or two, or three) in mind.

Sometimes, I just sort of look around and see if there’s anything that catches my eye. A few weeks ago, this pineapple caught Dan’s eye. Yep, I said pineapple.


I apologize for the dark picture. It was taken from my phone.

The pineapple looks like it was once a candleholder for a really skinny candle. Not really our taste at all.

The reason we both found this pineapple so amusing was that we really like the TV show, “Psych.” Every episode has a pineapple hidden somewhere in one of the scenes. We try to find it while we watch the show, but more often than not, we forget about it until the end and then blurt out “We didn’t find the pineapple!”

When Dan pointed out this pineapple, I knew we had to have it. For about $1, we took it home. As mentioned earlier, it was kind of ugly, but Dan had a great idea. We spray painted it white.


I like how the texture became much more apparent with a brighter color.


This guy hangs out on our bookshelf and reminds us of one of our favorite shows to watch together. Fun, kinda kitschy decor on the cheap. Sold.

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