Blind Wine Party

Recently, Dan and I hosted a wine party for our friends. We decided it would be fun to do a wine tasting, with everyone bringing a bottle to share. I had come across the idea of a blind wine tasting, meaning you wouldn’t know what wine you would be tasting, and I thought that sounded interesting. We’re not a group of wine snobs, but the idea that we’d judge a wine just on its taste appealed to me.

So, I set up the wine bar with brown paper bags with numbers on them.


As guests arrived, I took the wine bottle from them. Without looking at the labels, I put each bottle in one of the bags, and secured the bag with a black ribbon. This way, no one knew which wine they were tasting.


We went through the bottles, starting with 1 and going through 8. We gave everyone a wine scoring sheet (Dan designed it to match the numbers on the bags), so they could take notes.

At the end of the tasting, you had to rate the wines. Your favorite was #1 and your least favorite was #8. We tallied up the scores, and it turns out, a less than $10 bottle of wine won – The Usual Suspect Cabernet Sauvignon by Big House Wine Company.

Of course, there were prizes. First place received two wine bottle stoppers and second place received some note cards.

With all that wine, I made sure we had some food to put in our bellies too. We had standard fare:

A cheese platter to eat with crackers, salami, and a baguette


Mini cayenne chocolate bundt cakes with chocolate glaze


A fruit/nut plate, and a ton of chocolate.

For decoration, I kept it simple and used the wine corks I had been saving to fill the bottom of glass candle holders. Unfortunately, I didn’t remember to take photos. Boo.

I also put those spray painted wine bottles to use.

Two greeted you at the door for the “Red & White” party


and the last one let you know where the wine was.


Overall, I’d say this party was a success. Next time, I think I would specify whether people should bring a bottle of red or white. Surprisingly, 7 of the 8 guests brought a red wine. Only one person brought a white, and it was a sparkling prosecco. It worked really well that we had mostly red, which made comparisons easier.

Everyone had a fun time, and we turned an eight wine tasting into a four hour affair. We’ll definitely have this party again!

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