Valentine’s Day – Rest of the Decorations

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I thought I’d show you the rest of the holiday decorations I put out to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit.

First, here’s an easy wax paper hurricaine craft.


I already had the hurricaine, so I cut out a bunch of hearts from wax paper and taped them to a piece of red and white baker’s twine. I thought the pink and white candle looked nice with it.


In the entryway, I switched out the subway art to a printable with a Valentine’s theme.


I created a teeny bit of garland by punching out holes from some paint chip samples i had laying around and gluing a punched out pink heart to the middle of the circle. Again, I taped the circles to some red and white baker’s twine.

Finally, I put out this cute little heart tree. I got it as a gift and I just love how the hearts are like little ornaments.


That’s all I had around my house. I don’t really get too crazy for Valentine’s Day. Just a few small decorative items to fill in after all the Christmas stuff comes down. Do you put anything special out for Heart’s Day?


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