Messages from the Heart

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, I decided to make a sort of message pillow.


I already had a small square shaped pillow, the one I used for my rustic reindeer pillow, and an old red and white striped t-shirt, so I went ahead and made a slipcover.


Thanks to my great deal on some felt cutout hearts, I used a hot glue gun to glue a red heart onto the slipcover, but I left the top parts of the heart unglued.


Why? So that a note can fit into the pocket!


I left a note pad and pencil on my nightstand, and Dan and I have been writing little love notes to each other each day. It works out because he writes a note in the morning, and since I’m the first one home, I find it then. I usually write my note to him in the afternoon. Then, at bedtime, he gets my note.

Just a small, fun way to let the other person know we’re thinking of them. Happy Early Valentine’s Day!



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