Valentine’s Day Decoration on the Cheap and Easy

Is it too early to start thinking about Valentine’s Day? I think no. After Christmas was over, I needed some decoration in our house, so I went straight to the heart day decor. And yes, that means my Valentine’s stuff has been up since early January. Who doesn’t love all that red and pink?

I’ll start with the easiest (and cheapest) project I think I’ve ever done. It’s the heart bunting that adds a whimsical feel to my bedroom.


I really like the intricate design in each heart.


Confession: I bought them that way. The hearts are made of felt, so cutting out that pattern would have taken a long time. Where did I get such cute hearts? Target, of course. But, you won’t find these darling little guys at the store if you go now. Nope, these guys were Christmas ornaments!
Can you believe it? I guess it goes to show that with imagination, you can always find a new use for something. I bought these hearts at just $.10 per 3-pack, which were 90% off from their regular price after the holidays.


I already had the silver string (used it to hold Christmas cards above our sidebar, actually), the total cost of this project was about $0.33 and took about 5 minutes of work.


Not bad.

Keep a look out for more projects made with my super cheap felt hearts!


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