Sunday Night Sushi

Lately, I can’t get enough sushi. Since that can be an expensive habit, Dan and I tried to see if we can make some at home. It worked.

Obviously, the rolls were all the same kind, and they weren’t nearly as exotic as some of the kind I’ve had at restaurants, but they were pretty good. We just used what we had on hand in our fridge, but in the past, we’ve also included avocado, carrots, cucumber, green onion, and even jalapeno peppers.

This time, we used some cut up spicy salmon (made from one frozen salmon filet and chili paste),


chopped green bell pepper, and cubed mozzarella cheese.


Dan rolled the ingredients (including rice and sesame seeds) in a piece of seaweed using a bamboo rolling mat.


We got about five rolls out of it.


And we served it with some spicy mayo (made with mayonaise and Sriracha sauce).


Next time, if we plan ahead, I’ll be sure to try what has become my favorite roll to date from a place nearby called Nano Sushi – the Pisa. It’s made with shrimp, bell pepper, cream cheese, and baked with mozzerella cheese, oregano, and unagi sauce on top. Hope it tastes as good when I make it.


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