Rustic Reindeer Pillow

Continuing sharing my holiday crafts with you, I thought I’d next turn to the reindeer pillow I made.

Cute, huh?


Every since I knew I’d never wear those green and red patterned dress shirts anymore, I knew the fabric would make an adorable Christmas pillow. Originally, I was planning to use the green fabric to make a tree and sew it onto a plain red fabric square. But, I’ve recently been on a reindeer kick, so I figured cutting out reindeer instead of a tree wouldn’t be much more difficult.

I started with two shirts, and an old pillow leftover from my all pink bedroom before I got married.


Yep, that means this project was completely and 100% free.

To start, I measured my pillow. 13″x13″. Add on an extra inch to allow for seams, and I knew I needed two 14″x14″ squares. Then I got to thinking. My shirt was a button down. Why didn’t I just use the buttons to make a slipcover that can be easily removed? It worked like a charm. I just cut a 14″x14″ square into the shirt, and left all the buttons. Way easier than trying to take off the buttons and sew two pieces of the fabric together to account for it (since I wouldn’t have gotten a 14″x14″ square from the front of the shirt).

Once the squares were cut, I used my reindeer cookie cutter (from a set I had purchased after last Christmas for 50% off at Crate & Barrel) to trace the outline of the reindeer on the red fabric. I cut out four of them and sewed them onto the green fabric square (the piece without the buttons) that I already had cut.

What to do from here was easy. I turned the fabric inside out and started sewing. By hand. Yep, still no sewing machine. It didn’t take that long though. Then comes the part where I always hold my breath, I turn the fabric right side out and slide the pillow in to see if it fits.


It worked! Fantastic!

I have to say, the slip cover is so much better than having a regular pillow.


I can take the case on and off easily, which means I can swap it out for something else when the holidays are over. And, a folded up slipcover takes up way less space in my holiday decorations box than a pillow would.

Christmas Countdown: 4 days to go!

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