Bad Blogger

I’ve turned into a bad blogger. Here I am, trying new recipes, baking a ton of Christmas goodies, crafting out the whazoo, and I’m not sharing any of it. There’s been no time!

Here’s the post where I try to get back on track.

The house has been decked out in its holiday finest, from the tree, to the wreath I made, to all the presents wrapped and under the tree, I’ve been busy.

I thought I’d share the Christmas craft that started the season for me – the Advent calendar.


Instead of a candy or treat each day, I made tags that list a different holiday activity for each day, to make it more personal. I put some old favorites in there, like bake Christmas cookies, decorate a gingerbread house, and watch “Elf,” but I also included new traditions I hoped to start, like sharing childhood memories of Christmases past, learning how to make my grandma’s Christmas cookies, and hitting you tube for some traditional Italian Christmas songs.

I’ll admit, it was a struggle to get through all of the activities with our differing schedules. And of course, we sometimes had to double up on the holiday activity, but we did it.

So, how did we male the calendar?

The only things purchased for this project were from the dollar store and totaled $3. Those items were the plain wood frame and two sets of numerical stickers.

I started by spray painting the frame, though you don’t have to. I used leftover green spray paint.

Next, I cut some packing paper for the background of the calendar.


Then, I downloaded a template from flickr that was the shape of an envelope. Take some festive scrapbook paper and use them for your envelopes.


Once they’re made, arrange them in the frame to a pattern you like. I did five rows of five. Glue on the envelopes.


I numbered the first 24 envelopes with silver numbers. I used green numbers for Christmas day.


To finish off the project, I cut out 25 tags out of white card stock. To make this step easier, you can always buy them instead. I wrote down one activity on each card in red pen, then punched a hole in each tag to tie on some red ribbon.


That’s it.

Put the calendar in a prominent place in your home, and remember to do your Christmas activity each day.


2 thoughts on “Bad Blogger

  1. Very cute! You’re forgiven for not blogging regularly! lol 😉 I don’t know how you get everything accomplished that you do. I really like the advent calendar. Now, next year, you only have to make different tags!

  2. Thanks, I thought this was a fun project! You and Ken were included in one of our activities – our annual Christmas shopping trip to Woodfield!

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