Big Family Dinner

I know, we just had Thanksgiving. That was a big family dinner. But in my family, another big dinner comes the day after Thanksgiving, on Black Friday. See, Dan and I still split Thanksgiving, spending time with both our families. But when you add in drive time, we don’t get to spend a ton of time with either family. To make up for it, we’ve started the tradition of hosting my parents for dinner the day after Thanksgiving, and we’re sure to see Dan’s family again over the weekend, to celebrate our niece’s birthday.

On the day were many people are out fighting for the best deals, Dan and I enjoy a leisurely morning without waking up to the sound of an alarm. We make a good breakfast, have some coffee, and stay in our pajamas most of the day. The part of the day I enjoy most of all is the decorating. Dan brings the Christmas decorations up from the basement and I spend the day putting out all the decorations like the the handmade poinsetta wreath I was given at my wedding shower, the teeny tree my mom gave me when I lived in my first apartment, and the sparkly ornaments that were always on my tree when I got home from college. Then, once all the smaller decorations are out, we turn to the tree. We put the Elf DVD on and took our time putting the ornaments on the tree. Many of our ornaments are the ones that were given to me growing up, so most have special meaning for me.

Once the house is glowing with Christmas spirit, we turned our attention toward starting dinner. When planning the menu, I tried to keep in mind that with the holiday season comes a ton of bad for you food – the cookies, the creamy appetizers, and all the dinners out with friends from out of town. To offset the food gorge I knew was sure to come, I tried to keep the meal we prepared reasonably healthy.


We had scalloped potatoes,


roasted parmesean green beans,


and the main dish of zucchini and mozzerella chicken rollatini.


None of these dishes tasted like they were made to be “skinny,” but they were.

We had a great dinner together.

Let the holiday season begin!


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