More Donuts

The donut pans I bought for the apple donuts have not gone to waste. They barely made it back to the cabinet before I pulled them out again to bake up a new batch of donuts.

I had some leftover canned pumpkin, so I decided to use it to make pumpkin donuts.

I used this recipe, following it exactly. Here’s the result:


I measured all the ingredients, mixed them together,


and spooned the batter into the sprayed pan.


Fourteen minutes later, they were fully baked.I allowed them to cool for a while, and got the topping ready.


Then, I took each one out, slathered it in melted butter,


and dipped them in a cinnamon sugar mixture.


The donuts came out spongy and very cake like, though a little more dense that I thought. Still, they were delicious.

If you don’t eat them fresh out of the oven, I strongly suggest heating the donut for about 15 seconds in the microwave before eating it. Just yum.

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