Spooky Wreath

While I really like our fall “Welcome” wreath, I wanted to change it up for Halloween to something more Halloween looking, and not just fall looking in general.

As I was visiting Wisconsin, I thought building a wreath using fallen branches would be a great way to keep this project green (and cheap).

I started by gathering a ton of branches – some skinny, some wider. I knew I’d need the skinny ones to fill the wreath out as I worked.

I didn’t have much to work with, so I wondered what I should use as the wreath form. Well, we had pizza the night before, so I can just cut that into a circle and it should work fine, right? Right.

I just used a bowl at the house to trace a circle on the pizza box, and another, smaller bowl to trace the inner circle.


Then, I cut it out.


I started on the top and positioned and glued. All the way around.


At the beginning.


Toward the middle.


And the end.


All that white stuff is the glue.I had to wait forever for it to dry so I could pick the thing up.

I like the natural wooden look, but this was supposed to be a Halloween wreath. Enter the glossy black spray paint.

After a quick spray and dry, check out the shiny black goodness. Very creepy.

To finish it off, I bought some Halloween ribbon at JoAnn’s (with a coupon!) to hang it. What do you think?


Hope it attracts some trick-or-treaters!

Oh, and total spent was about $6 for the spray paint and ribbon. If you didn’t have glue, add another $1.

Halloween is only two weeks away!

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