Baked Apple Donuts

Last night, I attended a sort of Halloween party/housewarming get together at my friend’s new apartment. She went all out with decorations, festive plates, and napkins, and way more food than we could eat.

I was in charge of dessert, and was told to try to make something fitting with the Fall/Halloween theme. I brought apple donuts (yes, made from our Apple Picking excursion).

Making them is actually much more simple than I thought. First things first, I needed the proper equipment. I ran out to Bed Bath and Beyond to grab two of their donut pans.

They were $9.99 each, but with a $5 off coupon, I was able to get them both for $15.


Next, I searched for a good recipe. I came up with this one. I was glad to see they were baked, not fried. I mean, not that these babies aren’t filled with butter and sugar, but still, baked was a plus to me.


I followed the directions exactly, but I ended up with ten donuts instead of nine, as the recipe stated. Consequently, the cinnamon-sugar mix only had enough for exactly nine donuts. That last donut came out extra cinnamon-sugary because I just threw random amounts in a bowl and coated the donut in it until there was none left.

The donuts got rave reviews from my friends and the husband. Looks like this recipe is a keeper! And, now that I have some new bakeware, more donut making is certainly in my future.

At the party, the donuts were nicely paired with some mulled wine, which was just an absolutely perfect combination. And very appropriate given the fall theme.

As for my apple count, I still have about four apples left. We’re almost out…finally!


3 thoughts on “Baked Apple Donuts

  1. Haha, I’ll make them for you guys sometime soon. But not today. Today, we made chewy brownie pie and pumpkin cheesecake. See you soon!

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