Not Quite Sweater Weather

Though this post may seem out of place because it has gotten unseasonably warm here this week, I had Dan bring up my boxes of heavy winter gear last week when it was chilly out and I had not a thing to wear. Now, I’m kind of glad I didn’t switch everything out just yet.

But, as I began the process of switching out my summery flowy dresses for my thick knit sweaters, I looked through all my old stuff and realized I need new sweaters. Well, I want new sweaters. I did some online window shopping and in a dream world where money was no object, here are the fancy sweaters I’d be buying.

1. Neo-Jacquard Pullover from Anthropologie


2. Sequin Splash Sweater from J. Crew


3. Shawl Collar Open Cardigan from Banana Republic


Of course, money is a factor, and all those lovely sweaters were too rich for my blood. Instead, I turned to a more economical store (Old Navy) to satisfy my sweater cravings. Much to my surprise, I actually found quite a few cute items. And they were quite the bargains.

1. Handkerchief Cardigan


2. Open Weave Cropped Cardigan


3. Raglan Boat Neck Sweater


All were bought during Old Navy’s sweater sale, which gave me 40% off. Then, I had a coupon code for another 30% off my purchase and free shipping. All three were about $32.

Here’s to fall…when it gets here!


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