DIY Coasters

My BFF, Liz, had a birthday a couple weeks ago, and when it came time to figuring out a gift, I knew part of it had to be DIY. Liz has been really supportive of this blog, and always pushes me to use my creativity, so I knew she would love something made with my hands that came from my heart.

I decided to make her some one of a kind coasters for her new apartment.

I found plain white tiles at Home Depot.I gathered together some scrapbook paper in complementery colors that I knew she would like.

I cut out four square pieces, each just a little smaller than the top of each tile. Next, I broke out my Mod Podge.I put a think layer on top of each tile.

Press the scrapbook paper on top.

Use 2-3 coats of Mod Podge, allowing each coat to dry before putting on the next layer.

To seal the coaster and make it completely waterproof, I sprayed each with clear sealer, found in the spray paint section of Home Depot.

Finally, I cut out square pieces of felt and glued it to the bottom of each coaster, so they wouldn’t scratch her table.


I tied a bow around them and placed them in her gift bag.

Happy birthday, Liz!


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