Fall is in the Air

As soon as the calendar gets flipped from August to September, decorations around my house go into overdrive.

I’ve found there isn’t much to do decoration-wise between May and August (aside for some Fourth of July knick knacks), so once September rolls around, I’m more than ready to start decorating again. I get excited by the solid decorating run coming up for fall (in general), Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

As September 1 was last Thursday, I got right to decorating.

I started out with my Fall Leaves “Welcome” wreath. This was a Kohl’s find last year. On my front door it goes!

Next, out came all my fall smelling candles – spiced cider, pumpkin, and blackberry tea. I like to have a constant fall scent in the house, so I plugged in a  Bath & Body Works Wallflower. My favorite scent is the pumpkin, but I save that one for October, since it seems more appropriate. For now, we’re constantly smelling warm apple pie.

Another thing I’m really liking is my new candle decoration.
Simple and cute.

The hurricaine jar is from Homegoods, found for $9 on clearance. I loved that the candle would hang inside the jar about midway, leaving the bottom portion able to be filled with seasonal items.

Currently, some Dollar Store fake leaves are sitting in the candleholder. I bought a branch of them, and cut each one off to place in the jar. 
I plan to swap the leaves out for each holiday, like candy corn for Halloween and Sweethearts for Valentine’s Day.

The candle is a free one I got a while back from Kohl’s, using one of my $10 email gift certificates.

I still have some plans left to be executed. I definitely want to do something with pine cones, as you can find them in abundance, and I like the natural aspect of them. Maybe something like this for the back of the door:

Also, I have gotten into Subway Art lately. I got a great white frame on sale at Michael’s last week and I plan to use that to hold my changable printables. I like this one:
Let the decorating begin! What decorations have you made for fall?

2 thoughts on “Fall is in the Air

  1. Yes, do something, for sure! Fall is my second favorite season to decorate for, surpassed only by Christmas. Head to Kohl’s for some inexpensive and cute fall decor, or make something yourself using the natural items you’ll find in your yard, like leaves, twigs, and pine cones. Let me know what you end up doing!

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