“Woof” Means “I Love You” in Dog

Phoebe girl had a habit of pushing around her food and water dishes when she’s chilling in the back sun room while we’re at work every day. I’m not entirely sure how she does it, since those bowls are super heavy ceramic, but she finds a way.

In case you’re wondering, she has the White Large Bowl  for her food and water bowls from C&B.

Yes, they were expensive. Yes, she broke the water bowl one of the first days we had her. Yes, I almost brought her back to the shelter for it (just kidding).

Dan was able to super glue it back together since the broken off piece was so large. (Almost) good as new.

Pheebs doesn’t really slide the bowl around anymore, but I thought that the bowls should have a little something under them. Now, mostly to soak up some of the drool Phoebe leaves on the floor when she drinks. I decided this was definitely a DIY project.

I had seen this dog mat from Ballard Designs before, and thought it was super cute.

Not really sure about the personalization though. Kinda weird if you ask me.

Then, a few weeks later, I saw this doormat on apartment therapy.

How fun!

I thought I would create a combination of the two. Here’s what I ended up making:

They say that “woof” means “I love you” in dog. Kinda like “roar” means “I love you” in dinosaur. Look it up.

How’d I make it?

I started with this dog mat from Kohl’s. It was free, since it was on sale for $7.19 and I used a $10 gift certificate I had received in my inbox.

Next, I played around on Word until I found a font I enjoyed. FYI, this one is Britanic Bold in size 175 font.

I cut out each letter and created my own stencil. I used regular computer paper, but it might have worked a little bit better had I used card stock. Something to think about for next time I guess.

I spaced out the letters using a piece of paper I printed out with the letters, but had not cut out.

Then, I pinned the stencil to the mat itself.

I squirted some paint in a cup and used my trusty dabber brush. I only did one letter at a time, waiting for each letter to completely dry before starting the next letter. This avoids smudging.

Here’s a close up of the finished stenciled letters.

I couldn’t decide if I should do another coat, to make the letters stand out more, or if I preferred the more worn look. I left it at one coat.

Grand total money cost for this DIY project? The $0.50 + tax it cost to buy the paint at Michael’s. Grand total time cost for this DIY project? About an hour.

Totally worth it.

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