A Perfectly Personalized Wedding

Last weekend, the nicest, sweetest girl I know tied the knot in a beautiful outdoor ceremony.
She married her best friend, and truly her other half in every way.

I absolutely adored every detail of the big soiree, and I loved how personal every last touch was. How did they accomplish this?

For instance, the overarching theme was flying/aircraft. Kelly and Tim met and work at Boeing, in Seattle, so it was a perfect fit.  

They made yellow paper airplanes to throw as they walked down the aisle after having just been married. Such a cute idea! And way easier to clean up than rice!

Next, the place card table was full of yellow airplanes. They folded a mini paper airplane as guest cards, with your name and the table you were sitting at printed on the body of the plane. Here’s mine next to their adorable menu card.
Perhaps the coolest thing they did was the table identifiers. They didn’t do table numbers, or even name each table after a place they had been to together (they are quite the travelers). No, each table was named after an airport!
Even cooler – each table had a boarding pass as its identifier. We sat at YSE, which is the airport in Canada near Whistler, which is a very special place to the couple. They met while on a long weekend at Whistler with mutual friends. Tim proposed there, and they have taken many trips there since then.

To me, the neat part was the scan code websites they created! Each “boarding pass” table identifier had a code you could scan with your phone, which brought up information on the airport, a photo of the couple in that city, and a some words on why that city is special to the couple. I was blown away by both the creativeness and the sheer ability to create such a thing! I was honored when Kelly told me that our University of Illinois locations themed tables inspired her. She clearly took that idea even further, and created something so truly unique! You can check out their airport codes for yourself here.

Of course, the bride and groom sat at LUV. Awwww.
As one final airplane touch, at the bar, they had small packs of Southwest roasted peanuts. So cute and totally fitting the theme!
Just for funsies, she also had a photo booth, which was so cool, and the filmstrips printed became her guest book. The photo booth attendant glued them into a book with blank pages, and you wrote your good wishes to the couple next to your strip of photos! I wish I took a picture of it. Instead, here’s some friends and I with the bride.
Finally, Kelly and Tim had fourth-meal! Sliders and corn dogs – you can’t go wrong!
Congratulations, Kelly and Tim! I’m so happy for you!

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