I think this may be my favorite project to date! Take a look at the before:
And now the after:

With a coat of paint and some new hardware, we’ve completely changed the look and feel of this old dresser and gave it a new life!

As I mentioned in a previous post, this dresser dates back to Dan’s childhood. He and his brother each had one in their rooms growing up. When Dan moved out, he took this dresser with him. It made its way over to our place, where it sat in Dan’s closet until recently. Now, it’s hanging out in the office and giving me tons ‘o storage space for my scrapbooking supplies and work binders.

Let’s do a step by step of the transformation.

First of all, we knew the color would have to be changed to be a better fit in our light and airy office. We recently went on a painting furniture white spree, and this was the final piece.

Dan started by removing all of the hardware. We put it in a baggie so we wouldn’t lost any of the pieces. We knew we wouldn’t use them again, but maybe sometime down the road we’ll find someone who can.

Then, he sanded, and sanded, and sanded.

Next, grab that spray paint! He primed the dresser and sprayed it white.

This is one coat. It took quite a few.

But even after two coats of primer and two coats of semi-gloss, the coverage didn’t look fully even. Dan didn’t like it but I thought it just added to the dresser’s charm. Besides, we had plans to distress it, so it wasn’t like we wanted it looking perfect.

Once the paint was dry, Dan got to distressing it by lightly sanding on the places a dresser might get worn. There are other ways to faux-distress furniture (like rubbing candle wax on those same spots before painting), but this way is easy, and in most places, we got just the effect we were looking for.

Dan carried the huge dresser back up to the office and added on the hardware we had already purchased from Home Depot. In case you’re wondering, it’s the Martha Stewart Living Classic Polished Nickel Canopy Cup Pull.

For the top drawer, that required knobs, I decided to do a little something different. I had seen these bird knobs, and was inspired to make my own.

I changed up how to make them, so it Iwasn’t as difficult as the tutorial in the link.

I started with some plain wooden knobs from Home Depot. They got two coats of white spray paint, and then were left to completely dry.
In the mean time, I printed out the silhouette of the bird that was used in my inspiration knobs.


I cut out just the bird part (not the branch or leaves) and used that as a stencil on some green scrapbook paper. I did that four times and cut each bird out.

Next, I put a thin layer of Mod Podge on the back of the cut out bird and stuck it right onto the knob. I added a thin layer of Mod Podge to the whole knob. Once that dried, I layered another coat on there for good measure.
Once they dried again, Dan screwed them into the dresser.

I really like the contrast of the more delicate bird knobs so close to the metal hardware.

And now, the dresser is complete!

What do you think? Pretty different from start to end. Even though it took a lot of time for the transformation, I think it was totally worth it. The room just looks lightened up, and the new style fits the room so much better.

Looking back, I’m not sure if it would have been better to use regular paint (instead of spray paint) on the dresser. Be on the look out for the first ever special guest blogger post next time to tackle the pros and cons of each.



2 thoughts on “Re-Dressed

  1. I did this same project last summer, but skipped the sanding in the beginning by using a liquid deglosser. It was a quick step right before painting that I think saved time. I did not use spray paint, but Martha Stewart paint from Home Depot and it covered it almost 1 coat! I love that paint!

  2. Thanks for the great tip about the deglosser. I think the next time we tackle painting an item that’s so big, we’ll stick to regular paint too. This was one heck of a project!

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