Honey Glazed Nectarine and Bleu Cheese Crostini

A little while back, Dan sent me a recipe for a quick and easy grown up snack. He figured if I had the recipe, there was a much better chance of it ever being made than if he alone had it. I’ll admit, it looked like it would be quite tasty.

I finally had the chance to make them when a couple friends came over for a little backyard wine party get together. Here’s how they came out.


I followed most of the directions from the article, but I did change it up a bit. For starters, we used nectarines instead of peaches since that’s what we had on hand. We sliced them, dipped them in the honey-water mixture, and grilled each slice on both sides.

We deviated from the recipe with the crostini bread. We bought a regular baguette from Trader Joe’s, and i cut it into small slices. I brushed a thin coat of olive oil on each side of the bread, and then on to the grill it went. As we did for the nectarines, we grilled each piece of bread for a short time. Be careful not to leave them on there too long, or they will be scorched.

I took every thing off the grill and put it aside until it was almost time to serve them. Allow yourself about ten minutes of prep time before you need them.


I put about one teaspoon of bleu cheese onto each crostini and topped it with a nectarine slice. I baked them on a baking sheet only until the bleu cheese got melty, which was only a few minutes.


I took them out of the oven and glazed them with the remaining honey-water mixture.

Finally, they were ready. We took them outside and enjoyed them alongside Cupcake Chardonnay, which my friend Lauren brought to share. They paired very nicely. I highly recommend it.


As does Lauren.



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