DIY Chalkboard

This project has been a couple months in the making. A while back, I ordered a chalkboard sticker in a fun shape. I thought it would be a fun touch in the office, and debated what to do with it. Here’s how it came out.

At first, I thought I would stick it to a large piece of wood that I would have painted and distressed before hanging it on the wall. I had some trouble finding some cheap, already distressed looking wood, so I decided to do something else.

What if I framed it? I liked that idea. While on the walk home from a dog park near our house, I stopped at a resale shop to see if they had any cheap frames. I was in luck, I found one for $2.80.

I planned on painting the frame, but once I got it home and cleaned it, I thought it actually would look nice that it’s a different tone than the painted furniture and the wall. Done.

I got out my scrapbook paper supply and saw what I had to work with. I had gotten a bunch of green and yellow patterned sheets while re-doing the office, just in case I wanted to do any small projects.

I came across a yellow pattern that seemed to work. The problem: a standard piece of scrapbook paper is 12×12. The frame was 11×14. Argh.

This is where Dan and his fantastic spatial sense entered the picture. He basically cut out a portion of the middle of the paper and used that to cover the parts where you could still see the frame backing.

There are some “seams” showing where the paper cuts show, but it is minimally noticeable.
We talked about whether we wanted to use this as an actual chalkboard or more for decoration, and the decoration functionality won out. I’m planning to write a funny quote on the chalkboard and then give it a permanent spot on the wall next to the desk.

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