Fourth of July Jello Stars

Fourth of July is probably my second favorite holiday, with only Christmas beating it out. Why? It’s the epitome of summer – BBQs, apple pie, picnics, boating, swimming, and the best part, watching fireworks. Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve spent the holiday with my family at our cottage in Wisconsin. It’s a slower lifestyle there, and I relish the simplicity of life when I’m up that way. No computers, getting around by walking or on boat, sleeping in, and lazy days.

We had double the BBQ fun this year with one on Sunday and a last minute celebration on the Fourth itself.

I made a fabulous (and fabulously easy) dessert this year. No traditional blueberry and strawberry flag cake for me. Instead, I googled, and I found these patriotic, amped up jello jigglers.

The step by step instructions on gimme some oven’s blog are great if you want to make your own. I thought I’d share how mine came out:

Appealing to the eye and the tastebuds.

Even though it’s a few days after the fact, I hope you all had a wonderful Fourth, and I hope you’re all looking forward to the rest of summer as much as I am.

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