Entryway Organization

One of my favorite parts of our apartment is the little entryway nook. It just makes me happy.

I especially enjoyed it in the winter months. All the excess winter gear – coats, hats, gloves, scarves, boots – was tucked into our entryway storage furniture and out of our house. No wet and dirty boots tracking all over my floors. It was great.

Before we even moved in, I was already looking for an entryway storage solution. Auto pilot sent me to Pottery Barn, and I saw the Samantha Entryway Collection in mahogany stain. I wanted it. Badly. Of course I picked the most expensive color. It was $620, before shipping costs. Darn it.

I started a hunt for something for the entryway. I had an old wooden hope chest that I thought I could use as a bench, but I wanted some sort of shelf to hang coats and to put storage bins. Nothing I found matched the wood of the hope chest. Having 2 different colored woods would have eaten away at me slowly, and I didn’t feel like re-staining the hope chest, so I scrapped the shelf idea.

A few weeks later, on a whim, I visited JCPenney’s website. The Ashton bench and wall shelf looked a lot like the Samantha Entryway Collection to me. Was it available in the right color? Yep, espresso! And it came with storage bins. Woohoo!

I know I love sharing the deals I find, but I cannot remember the exact total of this purchase. I do know this much: (1) When I bought the furniture, it was on sale. (2) I was able to get free shipping. (3) I was able to use a coupon. (4) There was a promotion running that if you used a Mastercard to make your purchase, you got an additional percentage off the price. (5) While my item was on backorder, I saw the item dropped to an even lower sale price. I called customer service and they matched the new sales price, and still honored all of my original discounts.

The entryway furnture finally arrived and I was so excited to see it. Here’s Dan putting all the pieces together.

My review of the product? I’d give it a solid 3 out 5 stars. The price was certainly right, as was the color, and the look. The downside? The particle board used to make this item is thin. If I don’t sit down carefully, I feel the whole bench shake, and it makes me a little nervous. Also, the wood color is chipping a bit on the hooks of the shelf already. Overall though, I’m satisfied. I would purchase the Ashton set again, if I had a do over.

One thing I do want to change, in due time of course, is the storage bins. The cream color looks nice as a contrast to the dark wood, but they are getting dirty. The material isn’t super thick either. I’m hoping to change them out for a woven basket like this one from PB Kids, which look like they are a ton more durable.
Maybe someday, I’ll change up the color or add some hooks with a little more spunk, but for now, I’m totally loving the look and the extra storage space hidden away in my entryway.

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