Mason Vacation Memory Jar

You may not have known it, but I just got back from a vacation. Dan and I spent our first anniversary in the great city of San Francisco.

On the way home, I was already trying to figure out how best to create a display of some of the cool stuff we did and saw. I remembered this post on YHL from a while ago, and I thought that a vacation jar would be a fun and fairly easy project to try. I’m really happy with the way it came out.


It looks different from every angle, each showing a different part of the trip.


Making it was like re-living the whole trip. I had saved a bunch of items from the trip like bus fare cards, maps/brochures of the city, and any odds and ends that I thought were interesting. I laid everything out on the table. Yep, I brought home a lot of stuff.


Dan and I talked about our favorite parts of the trip and made sure we picked out items from those memories.

So what ended up in the jar?

1. Part of a cup of coffee we had at the Blue Bottle, which is like San Francisco’s Intelligensia. We had some of their coffee during a Farmer’s Market at the Ferry Building.

2. A receipt from our anniversary night dinner at 1300 on Fillmore. It was fancy soul food. My favorite was the ribs, the shrimp and grits, or the bread pudding. Yum.

3. A piece of our MUNI public transportation pass. We took public transit everywhere. We rode the cable cars for fun.

4. A straw from In ‘N Out Burger. First time I ever had an In ‘N Out burger. We ate at the one near Fishermen’s Wharf.

5. A Beach Blanket Babylon ticket. We saw this hilarious show one night. I highly recommend it.

6. A ticket to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). An added bonus: we went on the museum’s free day!

7. A boarding pass for our flight.

8. The seal from a box of tarts we bought from Tartine Bakery. Best fruit tart ever.

9. The logo of Alcatraz from an informational pamphlet we were given on the tour. The tour was definitely my favorite part of the trip. If you can, I highly recommend going on the night tour.

10. A fortune cookie fortune. We visited the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie factory. They supply most of the fortune cookies you get at Chinese restaurants around the world. We saw them being made.

11. A wrapper from a Ghiradelli chocolate square. We visited Ghiradelli Square and were given the chocolate as we walked into the store. We also got the best hot fudge sundae I’ve ever had.

12. Gelato spoons from Naia. After eating a delicious traditional Italian pizza, we headed to Naia for some gelato. I got the gelato made with Blue Bottle coffee.

13. 2 corks – 1 traditional one from a bottle of Pinot Noir we purchased at Whitehall Winery (yep, we went to Napa). The other was a special kind only Whitehall uses for their premium wine. They are the only one to use this kind of cork. It has a silicon ring to make sure the cork doesn’t break until you open it.

I finished off the project by adding some twine ribbon and a tag to the jar. I took a map from one of the brochures and glued it to a piece of white cardstock. Then I punched a hole and wrapped the twine to it, attaching the twine to the jar.

I circled the place where our hotel was, Nob Hill.


And I wrote “San Francisco, June 2011” on the tag.


It’s a sort of mason jar time capsule of our anniversary trip. So much cuter than just creating a photo collage.


2 thoughts on “Mason Vacation Memory Jar

  1. Wonderful idea!! Sounds like you had a great time. Did you take any pictures? (he, he – like Christina wouldn’t take any pics!) I’ll look forward to seeing pics and hearing about your trip when we see you. Thanks for sharing some of your VACAY. XO

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