Office Update: Rearranged and Re-painted

I owe you guys an office update. I have for a while now.

I wanted to have more than one or two things done to update on before I wrote a post. I did tell you that we finished up our frame gallery, and it still makes me smile everytime I pass by and see it from the hallway. We used a mish-mash of different images we liked, though my 2 favorites have to be the University of Illinois Quad (the big one on the bottom left) and the yellow bird drawn on a vintage Chicago map (on the top right).

But we’ve done more than just complete the frame gallery.

On to the big reveal – here’s how the room looks now.

We’re almost there!

I’ll breakdown all we’ve done.

Well, for starters, we did a total room rearrange. Here’s the before look:


The room feels a ton bigger after moving the desk to the far back wall. We’ll have to move our diplomas because now they just look weird and half covered by the TV. Then that will leave a new wall for me to decorate. Ooooooh.

Additionally, the rearrangement created a great space for some relaxing and TV watching in the front part of the room. We found that chair on craiglist a couple months back. I have big plans for it that involve some pretty green fabric and a throw pillow I have yet to make. I placed the old Ikea wooden table next to it, and under the window.

The table was elsewhere in the room before, but it was awkwardly hanging out near the closet and housed our wireless internet stuff. And it was stained pink. We gave it a coat of primer and a coat of white paint, and that’s what we got. I really like how it came out. It kinda looks a little beachy, and definitely vintage.

Oh, and the dresser. You probably thought it was new. Nope, and it’s not a craigslist find either. When we rearranged the room, we realized the tall boy dresser was just too tall to hold the TV because of how low the chair is. So, we swapped out the tall boy for the dresser Dan had in his closet. It’s been his since childhood. Now the TV is at a more manageable height, and I had an added bonus of storage drawers big enough to hold my scrapbooking supplies.

Speaking of storage, we created even more storage in the bookcase we already had. We sanded the bookcase. Then primed and painted it white.

It felt like we were done for the day once the paint dried, but I’m thinking about roughing it up some to make it look distressed. Maybe another day.

We bought the yellow and green storage bins from Target and I filled them with my crafting items. As an added bonus, I was forced to go through everything and organize all my supplies. Now I know where everything is! Let’s hope it stays that way.

I think we’ll be painting the dresser white too. And we’ve already bought some new silver toned hardware, which matches the room better. We’ll add it on after the dresser is painted.

I’m so glad that the office is almost done. I feel like the space has been completely transformed. I actually want to go in there now. I actually have space to do all my crafts now. We actually use this room now!

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