Drinks on a Serving Tray

With all the wedding posts over, I now return you to your regularly scheduled blog programming. Although, this post does touch on something wedding-related. The gifts.

We received many gorgeous barware items last year at my bridal showers and as wedding gifts. My favorite is this vodka set from Crate & Barrel.


Or these classic martini glasses (also from Crate).


Or these elegant champagne flutes (you guessed it, from Crate).

I can’t decide. Don’t make me choose.

So where to we keep all our fancy glasses in our small apartment? Well, in the sideboard from craigslist, of course. I fell in love with those frosted glass sliding doors the second I saw them.

The only downside? I hardly ever see my beautiful stemware. We’re not exactly champagne with dinner kind of people. More like drinking beer out of the bottle people, actually. So, the glassware stays in its little home, pulled out only for really special occasions.

The other day, I was finally cleaning out my hope chest that has been acting as the home for our extra bedding, and I found a wooden serving tray my aunt had given me as a Christmas present a few years ago. I knew exactly what to do with it.

I put it right on top of the sidebar. Without hesitation, I opened one of the sliding doors and pulled out my cherished vodka set. On the tray it went. I placed 2 decanters next to the vodka set and really liked the way it looked. 

The best part of the tray? It has cut outs for pictures!



Friends have commented to me that there are many, many photos of Dan and I all around our apartment. Too many to count and show you actually. I took that to heart and decided to figure out some other subject matter to display.

Then the obvious hit me. I was using the serving tray to hold my barware. Why not adorn the tray with photos of yummy looking drinks?

I began scanning magazines for pictures of drinks. The fancier, the better. Then, I went through old photos on my computer and found some pictures I had taken of drinks. I was surprised to see how many I had.

The homemade green beer for St. Patty’s Day.


The appletini Dan made me and made fancy by rimming the glass with sugar.


The framboise I drank while friends from Michigan visited.


I created a mix of magazine cut outs and personal photos and the tray now looks like this.


I’m hoping to one day fill the tray only with photos taken by me, so each drink photo has its own kind of story. It’s a trip down drinking memory lane.

Until then, I’m happy with the way it looks. And I’m super happy about the way my glassware looks when displayed.

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