I’m Sitting at the Morrow Plots

As you already know, Dan and I are both proud University of Illinois graduates.


We hoped to share our school spirit with our wedding guests by adding U of I touches where we could, and where it wouldn’t be too much. I like orange and blue as much as the next Illini, but not enough to make those our wedding colors.

I did use Illini blue as my something blue though. Check out the cute garter my maid of honor gave me. Love it.


But I digress.
We decided a fun way to showcase U of I would be to name tables after University of Illinois buildings/landmarks/nearby places we frequented during our 4 years in college. No boring numbers for us.
I made a list of possible table names and we whittled the list down to 22 (1 for each table):
The Union
Alpha Omicron Pi
Psi Upsilon
Alma Mater
Morrow Plots
The Quad
Eternal Flame
Assembly Hall
Memorial Stadium
Our Tree
Undergrad Library
Farm Lake
The Arch
Greg Hall
Frat Park
The Armory
Espresso Royale

Once we figured out our list, I pulled out my photo archives. I looked for photos of Dan and I at each of these spots back when we were in college. I found a good number of photos, but I was missing some.
Luckily, I realized this before Homecoming 2009, which was 8 months before our wedding. While we were in Champaign to cheer on our team, some of Dan’s fraternity brothers were nice enough to play photographers and get some shots of us around campus so we would have a photo of us at every location.
Once I picked out all my favorite photos, Dan got to work on the table name cards. Our designer freind Lauren made the names in a similar style to the invitations (and the place cards, guest book, programs, and thank you notes). We included a little story on each table card which explained why the building was significant to us. Here’s an example:


The guests seemed to really like it. We saw a number of people going from table to table to read each story. Some guests later commented to me that it was fun getting to know a little bit more about us on our wedding day.
As for Dan and I, we opted for a sweethearts’ table, which only sat the two of us. We figured it would be better for our wedding party to sit with their friends/family since we’d be up talking to guests the whole time anyways. Even though it was cheesy, we named our table…the Union.



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