Christina and Dan Request the Honor of Your Presence

You had a sneak peak at our wedding stationery style last week when I showed you our guest book. Here’s the actual invitation:


The invitation is the first wedding-related item that your guests will see if you don’t send save the date cards (which we didn’t). It sets the tone for your big day. The invitation needs to match the mood you want at your wedding. If your wedding is super fancy, you shouldn’t be using an ink pad and stamp to be making your invitations.

Dan and I wanted a playful, fun wedding. My instinct first shot me towards looking up invitation on Wedding Paper Divas, but then Dan had the truly wonderful idea of designing the invitations ourselves. Could we do such a thing?

Dan is a senior copywriter at an ad agency, so he has quite a knack with words. He would need a helper though, an art director. One of Dan’s co-worker’s, Lauren, stepped up to the challenge and what they came up with far exceeded any expectation I had for an invitation.

Let’s start at the beginning. First thing is deciding your wedding colors. I always knew black and hot pink would be featured on my big day. I found it to be an elegant, but modern combination. We threw in lime green for an extra pop of color.

We hightailed it over to Paper Source to see what we could find in the colors we liked. We ended up going with the Open End Envelope in fuchsia for the outer envelope and the 4 Bar Envelope in black for the response card. For the invitation itself, we used Luxe Fino Paper in cream. We took full advantage of the bulk order discount too. It saved us a few pennies.

Dan and Lauren designed every piece of the invitation themselves. Along with the actual invitation, we also sent the response card,


and my favorite piece – the timeline/reception card/map all in one.


I just love the map key that shows where the church, reception hall, and hotel are. Those icons are adorable!

Speaking of icons, Dan and I had a sort of logo that we used in many elements of the wedding. It was this:


Can you see what it is? Yep, the ampersand symbol is actually an interlocking pink “c” and a white “d” – our initials. Clever, huh? That came about thanks to Dan and Lauren. What a great design! We printed the symbol on label paper and stuck one on the back of each invitation to close it, which worked kind of like a  modern day seal.

When all was said and done, we spent about $400 on our invitations. Compared to the $900+ it would cost to get custom invitations designed and printed, I was very happy for our savings.

Now if only I could come up with a way to cut the time it takes to stuff the envelopes and get the invitations out. That would be a real accomplish.

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