Office Update: The Gallery

As the office is getting moved around as part of our office re-do, I’m becoming more discerning over what kind of wall decor we have. You saw how we made this birch tree wall art, and I’m very pleased with the result. It definitely adds something to the room.

These square glass jars in our bedroom are hung from rustic looking hooks and are filled with lavender bunches. I think it adds to the serenity and peacefulness of the room, and the wonderful scent they produce is an added bonus.


My main wall decor issue is with frames like this.


And this.


While the photos of us are fine, and the collage was made with love years ago, it’s just not working for me anymore. The six part frame looks too commercial, too mass-produced, and without any character. And the collage, well, it just doesn’t add anything to the space. But just as the office became the dumping ground for all objects without a home, it appears it also became the walls to put all old frames that had nowhere else to go. No more!

My first stab at creating a new wall decor scheme for the room came in the form of a frame gallery.

Let’s get this project going. It started with a trip to Ikea and the purchase of RIBBA frames in different sizes. We chose the walnut finish, but they come in several others. We didn’t really go in with a plan, we just grabbed frames as we saw them and put them in the cart. When we got home, we took a look at our haul.

Dan laid them all out on the floor and started arranging them until we came up with an arrangement we both liked. He picked up a nail and his hammer, and I could barely say “STOP!” fast enough. I wanted to make sure the spacing would look right on the wall before we started making nail holes. I took each frame and traced it on paper. Next, I cut out each traced frame. We taped them to the wall so we could see how the frames would look in relation to one another. Dan measured and adjusted each piece of paper until we were satisfied. Don’t let the brief-ness of my explanation fool you. This part took quite a while, almost a whole morning, to get it right. For some weird reason, either our ceiling is on an angle, our floor is on an angle, or both because no matter how many times Dan measured, the frames didn’t look straight to me. After much adjustment, it finally looked right.

Now, the easier part! Dan strung the frame that needed it with frame wire, then adjusted the hanging brackets on the others to make them hang properly on the wall (this took some doing with a pair needle nose pliers and a bit of colorful language). Then he measured a few inches down from the top of each paper marker and marked the spot for the nail.  Once the nail was in, he removed the piece of paper from the wall. Here’s how it looked half way done.

Do that for every frame, and you get the finished product.
I love the clean lines of the arrangement, and I really like the open space all around it. My preference would have been to do this in a long hallway, but until I have one of those, this will have to do. I did plan it out so that the frames can be seen from the hallway while walking by, if the door is open.

Obviously, it’s not completely finished. We’re working on gathering images, sayings, or even small paper items that mean something to us. Once the gallery is completed, I’ll be sure to share how it looks. Until then, I’ll be brainstorming what to do with my remaining naked office walls.

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