Mother’s Day Breast Cancer Walk


I'm taking a slight detour from my normal posts about cakes and dinners and crafts to share what I'll be doing this Mother's Day with you.

For the past 2 years, my Mom and I have done the Y-ME Network of Strength Walk for Breast Cancer. We have been joined  by other friends and family as well. The photo is the group we had for our first walk, back in 2009.

This wonderful organization is set up solely for those most affected by breast cancer – patients, survivors, families, and caregivers. Not every patient has a support system in place to help them through such a stressful and trying time of their lives. The Network of Strength provides the support these women need to fight breast cancer.

This cause is especially close to my heart. The reason my mom and I have made this walk a Mother's Day tradition is because she is a breast cancer survivor. We understand firsthand that overcoming this disease is truly a group effort. No woman should face breast cancer alone.

I have set up a personal page on the Network of Strength website for more information and to accept donations.

Thank you for your support. And to all the mothers out there – Happy Early Mother's Day!

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