The Power of the To-Do List

What a wonderful feeling it is when you can cross a ton off stuff of your to-do list. I always have a handwritten to-do list scrawled in my planner. It usually contains 10-20 items, and I have a feeling of satisfaction when I can take a red pen and cross out something I’ve accomplished.

This past weekend, my red pen got quite the workout. Here’s what it looked like:

Hang curtains (office and dining room)

Bedroom storage baskets


I’ll elaborate further.

We bought curtains for both rooms over the past few weeks. The office ones are the Home Chesapeake curtains from Target in green and the dining room ones are the Matilda curtains from Ikea. But, in order to hang curtains, you need curtain rods. That was the problem. We didn’t have any.

Hello Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Here’s my curtain rod routine. We head to the clearance section first thing. You can usually find some great deals there. We did. We found 2 matching curtain rods (for the living room) for $9.99 each. Add in my $5 off a $15 purchase coupon, and we got both rods for a little over $17. We didn’t have as much luck with finding a rod for the office. Instead, we splurged for a (gasp) $19.99 rod, then used another $5 off $15 coupon.


Here are new curtains are in all their glory:



Dining Room. Don’t the curtains soften up the room?


I know the dining room curtains are wrinkly and yes, it bothers me. Dan installed the curtain rod while I was in the shower and put the curtains up without consulting me. Those babies are going to have to come down soon so I can give them a proper ironing.

Moving along now to solving the bedroom nightstand clutter problem. We have these wonderful Pottery Barn Valencia nightstands. Yes, they were an amazing craigslist find.


I seem to need everything I own next to me in order to sleep at night. On my nightstand: lamp, alarm clock, ring holder, hand cream, eucalyptus linen spray, candle, book I’m currently reading, a Cosmo, a Food Network magazine, pen, paper, the list goes on. I needed a storage solution. I recently realized the bottom shelf of my nightstand is the perfect place for a storage basket. We found 2 on clearance from Michael’s for only $4.99 a piece.


The final project was a quick and easy one. I had 3 pieces of bamboo from that same Ikea run when I got the curtains. I thought the office was a great place for the bamboo since it’s supposed to bring peacefulness and a wise energy to the home. The problem? These cute Toni Green Bud Vases we got for the bamboo from Crate & Barrel were just a bit wider than the bamboo, so the bamboo tilted to the side.

This probably wouldn’t bother most people, but it bothered me. While at Michael’s looking for storage baskets, I bought some natural looking river stones for only $1.50 (with a coupon) and poured them into the vases.





Am I the only one bothered by things like wrinkled curtains and leaning bamboo? What’s your home-related pet peeve?

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