The Bedroom Set is Complete!

 I’m very excited to say that in a couple weeks, we’ll have all the pieces of our bedroom set. Yay!

 Finding each piece has been quite a project. It all started with the main piece, the bed, which I immediately fell in love with after seeing it on Pottery Barn’s website. It’s the Valencia II Sleigh bed. I love the sleigh bed look, and this one is perfect in that it doesn’t have the bottom footboard part, as most sleigh beds too. I would have wanted one, but my 6 foot 5 inch husband put a stop to it, saying he wouldn’t be able to stretch out in bed with that extra foot board. And the dark mahogany color is oh so perfect. We ordered the bed online a couple weeks before the wedding, and it was delivered the day after we returned from our honeymoon. Love it!

Of course, that meant we needed matching furniture. I had known this particular bed was the one we would get (we moved when we got married, so we waited to order it until we were at our new place so we didn’t have to move it), so I got a head start on craigslisting the matching pieces. Some said craigslisting matching pieces could not be done. How wrong they were! We scored both nightstands from one guy and this dresser from a family. Did we have to look for a while to find them? Yes. Did we have to drive all the way out to Geneva, IL to pick up the dresser? You bet. Did we save a ton of money? Heck yeah we did!

That left the extra wide dresser that even now, a year later, I still couldn’t get my hands on from craigslist. Sure there have been close calls (one time, we were the third couple to respond to the ad, #2 got it!), and we were even once going to buy the older version of this dresser in a honey colored stain and spend the weekend staining it mahogany ourselves, but we never got it.

My wonderful parents have been quite impressed with my craigslisting abilities. They knew I’d been searching for that last piece forever. So, my mom called me one day and told me that she and my father would be buying the dresser for me and my husband for our anniversary, which is in 2 months! The reason she ordered it for us now? Pottery Barn is having a sale on some of their bedroom furniture.

Thanks, Mom and Dad! I can’t wait for this baby to come home!

I’ll post some bedroom pics, with my new dresser, when it arrives.



3 thoughts on “The Bedroom Set is Complete!

  1. love the blog 🙂 i’ve had my eye on this pottery barn line for new bedroom furniture for matt and i for a while now. great minds OBVI think alike!

  2. love the blog 🙂 i’ve had my eye on this pottery barn line for new bedroom furniture for matt and i for a while now. great minds OBVI think alike!

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